About Your favorite Grooming Spa 

Cura Bella Grooming 

Pet grooming is more than just a Dog Bath, or Cat style. We pride our selves on a safe environment. We continually grown in all areas of the Grooming industry. We expect to deliver world class customer service. Our staff is Certified as a pet groomer and salon management. We are CPR Certified because we care about the safety of your pet. You don't have to worry about matts we got it. Flees we can handle them. Looking for style we have all the Fresh looks, just ask Fresh Fred. Looking for some color in your life we do nails and color too. Your got problems, we got answers book today. 

The founders: Marcus and Jessica Kelting                                Est.2020

The foundation for Cura Bella is based on their love for animals. The words Cura Bella stand for beautiful groom in Italian. Marcus and Jessica have been involved in the care of animals during their young adult lives. In high school, Marcus bred chihuahuas. Jessica was involved in FFA showing various animals. They started a family in 2011. As their family grew, they decided to breed French Bulldogs as a hobby in 2012. Since then, they have developed their skills in animal care. From dog-sitting to whelping puppies. The idea of dog grooming came into play. They began to see a need for a new type of service, a need for a more open, more personal experience for dogs and owners alike. The vision was cast. Marcus and Jessica wanted to provide the community with a safe, comfortable place to bring their pets for grooming services. A spa where dogs couldn’t wait to come in and be pampered, to be spoiled and treated like family. From there, they plan to be involved in the community through a partnership with local AG programs and hosting community activities. They want a visit to Cura Bella to be more than just an appointment, they want their customers to feel welcome and confident that they are receiving top-quality services. Because here at Cura Bella, it's more than just a groom.