The Best Nose and Paw Balm Heals Cracking & Dryness 

Nosey Paw Balm By Cura Bella 

$20.00 - 2.0oz

This is our nose and pad balm. Used for pets with dry and cracking nose or paw pads. We use all-natural products designed for your dog's sensitivity and care in mind. We use several essential oils to help heal, calm and satisfy your furbaby. The nosey paw balm can even be used for personal dry skin. 


$25.00 Shirts

$40.00 Sweat Shirts 

More To Come

We love to work with other pet lovers and want to bring their stories to life as well. Cure Bella offers to promote and support local friends in this industry along with the Pet industry and even ministry. Let us know if you would like to add your shirt to our inventory because It’s More Than Just A Groom.